A young Iranian who tried to travel with Bulgarian documentation stopped at the airport in Malaga

A young man – aged 31 and Iranian nationality – has been detained as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of falsification of documents and infringement of the immigration law when he tried to leave the country with a Bulgarian identity card at the Malaga airport to travel to the United Kingdom.

The man was identified by the National Police on November 6 in a control of entry and exit of the national territory of Spaniards and foreigners at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, as reported by the CNP in a press release. The man was arrested while trying to board a flight to the United Kingdom by presenting a Bulgarian identity card.

As a result of the police checks, the agents found out that the real nationality of the arrested person was Iranian and that he had acquired a Bulgarian identity card to try to travel to the United Kingdom. The detainee, together with the certified report, has been placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority.