Women occupy 25% of the managerial positions in the world tourism sector

Although they represent between 60% and 70% of workers in the tourism industry

Women represent between 60 and 70% of workers in the tourism industry, yet only 25% occupy a leading position, a growing number due to the push of the new generations and social changes in the equality of gender, according to the business school Les Roches Marbella specializing in the field of hospitality and luxury tourism.

The generational change, the introduction of new policies designed to tackle inequality, the implementation of ICT and access to training are breaking the established canons, positioning women in leadership positions in the field of hotel management. until now they were practically inaccessible.

According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism has the potential to contribute to greater gender equality and the empowerment of women around the world

The hotel industry is a world in constant growth. Only the travel and tourism division contributes 284 million jobs, that is, 1 in every 11 jobs on the planet are related to the sector.

The forecasts for the next ten years indicate that this industry will create 65 million jobs, including the start-up of more than 3,600 luxury hotels around the world.

The UN World Report on Women and Tourism 2010 of the World Tourism Organization and UN Women, reveals that women are more likely to achieve high-level positions in tourism than in any other field, but in some regions Women’s work continues to be concentrated in the lowest-paid and least-skilled sectors.