Wizz Air will start charging for hand luggage starting in November

The low cost airline Wizz Air has announced that from November 1 all passengers will be able to fly with a bulk of 40x30x20 centimeters in dimension, while you have to pay for any additional baggage that will be billed.

The airline, like Ryanair did when it took the same measure, explained that it is a decision that aims to avoid the delays caused by baggage on flights and, in addition, to offer customers the possibility of “choosing the products that best suit “your needs.

The suitcase of ten kilos, which until now had been free, will have a billing cost from 7 euros, except for the case of customers who purchased the ticket ‘Wizz Priority’, which can take it for free.

Passengers who made the reservation prior to October 10 and to fly from November 1 will keep their luggage free, while those made thereafter will be regulated under this new policy.