What to do in Mallorca 2020

What to do in Mallorca in 2020

What to do in Mallorca

Discover what to do in Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands. Know what to visit, what to do with children, what to visit on a Sunday. Mallorca awaits you in 2020


What to do in Mallorca: Major Island of the Balearic Islands


The City: Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is known as the «major island» because of its derivation from the Latin of its own name. And it really is the largest island formation of all those that make up the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands. Its geographical location also positions it as the most eastern in location with respect to mainland Spain.

For those who visit the island and do not know what to do in Mallorca, they must take into account that it is a destination of great tourist importance internationally. And even of the favorites by the Spaniards, so the options for entertainment remain. With almost 860,000 inhabitants, it is the second most inhabited Spanish island, just behind Tenerife.

Its capital is Palma de Mallorca, but the administrative distribution of the island means that it has other communities and towns that have a lot to offer visitors to Mallorca. It also has other islets in the vicinity of its coast that are under administration of the Mallorcan capital.

Thinking of visiting the Balearic Islands? Start with Mallorca, the largest and most populous of its islands, so you will know first hand this region, its cultural diversity and the vast beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The Climate in Mallorca

Before making plans to do in Mallorca, you must take into account its climate. This is qualified as a typical Mediterranean climate, so the summers are usually strong and the winters are cool and cool breezes. During the cold months, the temperature does not fall below 6 degrees centigrade.

In the summer, the maximum temperatures can exceed 30º centigrade and the humidity is quite high. So the thermal sensation in Mallorca is warmer than normal. Keep all these details in mind so that you pack only the right clothes that really allow you to keep light and fresh. The water!

What to do in Mallorca?

Tour the Mallorquina Beaches

It is the first recommendation what to do in Mallorca, to visit all its beaches. They really are a piece of paradise with its white sands and crystal clear waters. You can take an umbrella, a good book and rest in each of them under the bright sun. Cala Estancia, Playa del Arenal and Es Trenc are the most visited and you will not be disappointed. Go out and bathe in them now!

Be amazed with the Bellver Castle

Something essential what to do today in Mallorca is to know and be amazed with the Bellver Castle. It is an enormous fortification located on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca, surrounded by abundant pine forests. The castle is located above 112m above sea level, and from there it is possible to see the city and much of the Mallorcan landscape. Its name «Bellver» comes from the Catalan «bella vista», so you can not stop enjoying this site of interest.

Visit the Cathedral of Palma de MallorcaWhat to see in Mallorca

Have you ever seen a huge rose window? Well, the largest can be seen in the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma de Mallorca. It is a place to visit in Mallorca with children, but remember, do not take too long not to bore them. The large spaces of the cathedral are Gothic and represents one of the most important places on the island. Ten also presents that it is only open during mass hours in the town. Do not be late.


What to see in Mallorca?


It is a fantastic town located just over 18km from Palma de Mallorca and very close to the Sierra de Tramuntana, which is the main mountain range of all the Balearic Islands. If you want to know what to see in Mallorca, you can stay 1 or 2 nights in this town. The climate there is quite cool and many go to the place to go hiking in its surroundings. In addition, the houses are a sign of local preservation and the beauty of their past.

The Pollença

La Pollença is a town in Palma de Mallorca whose origins date back to the Roman era. It is one of those places what to see in Mallorca today so you can get to know the depth of the island. Its steep, cobblestone streets and houses with stone facades can go back in time with ease. There you can visit the Convent of Santo Domingo and share the experience with the locals.The Museum of Almeria

Las Cuevas dels Hams

These caves are located in the city of Manacor, in the southeast of the island. There you can enter the cavernous network of Hams, which represent a place of tourist interest for all those who visit this Balearic enclave. If you are bored and do not know what to do on a Sunday in Mallorca, you can take a guided tour of the place and get to know a bit of caving.

What to eat in Mallorca?

Are you hungry? Mallorcan cuisine can offer you a variety of succulent dishes made with ingredients from the locality. Dare to eat the Mallorcan Frito, an ornate dish made of liver, lamb’s blood and many peppers. In addition to chips or fish.

You have many restaurants to visit in Mallorca, where you will also find arròs brut or «dirty rice». There are many restaurants what to visit in Mallorca, where you will also find arròs brut or «dirty rice». It is the most typical of the island and it is a rice with vegetable broth and game meat, such as rabbit or venison. It is a delicacy that you must try.

Hotels of Mallorca

The hotels in Mallorca are all very good options to stay and have the attention and warmth of the local population. Of the cheap hotels Mallorca, the recommendation is the Hotel UR Portofino, in which you do not pay as much for spending the night. It is very close to the airport and the center of Palma, in addition to the main transport connections. The rest of alternatives are usually more expensive due to the tourist demand of the Balearic archipelago.

Now that you’ve discovered everything you can do in Mallorca, decide to step on Mallorca and get to know all the natural and architectural wonders it has to show you.

No one is disappointed with the Mallorcan charm of the largest island in the Balearics.

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