What to do in Madrid 2020

What to do in Madrid in 2020

what to do in MadridDiscover what to do in Madrid, the cosmopolitan city that you should know. Discover what to visit, what to do with children, what to visit on a Sunday, etc. Madrid awaits you in 2020


What to do in Madrid: the cosmopolitan city that you should know


The City: Madrid

Do not know what to do in Madrid? Well, in the following lines you can know very well what to do. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the community of the same name, but its metropolitan area positions it among the most populated urban centers with nearly 7 million inhabitants and with the greatest commercial, population and industrial activity in Europe. Just behind cities like London or Paris.

Because of its capital status, it is the seat of the Government of Spain, the Ministries, the Cortes Generales and the Royal Household. But in addition, it has the 3rd largest European stock market, hosts the main headquarters of hundreds of multinationals, the Royal Spanish Academy and important institutions of various sectors. Yes, it is a busy and cosmopolitan city.

Many will wonder what to visit in Madrid, but the options are almost endless. There are many historical, emblematic and interesting places that give an account of the long history of this city and make it an interesting place to visit. Enjoy also the culture, gastronomy and vibes of Madrid to know Spain in all its splendor.

Weather in Madrid

Now, everything you have what to do today in Madrid, tomorrow or within 2 months will be conditioned by the weather, although it will not necessarily prevent you from continuing with your plans in the city. The time in Madrid is classified as «continental Mediterranean», but during each season the oscillation of temperatures does not seem so Mediterranean.

Spring and summer comprise the hottest months in Madrid. In the time of the flowers, the average temperature varies between 12º and 22º, while in the summer the variation goes from 18º to 40º centigrade. But do not be alarmed, with staying hydrated and protected from the sun, you will not have problems.

The cold and temperate winds are felt in autumn and winter. If you plan to see the fall of the leaves, prepare for temperatures between 7º and 16º, but on winter days the climate varies between 8º and 13º. And it descends below 0 at night. So, wrap up very well!

What to do in Madrid?

Visit the Royal Palace of Madridwhat to see in madrid

One of the places what to see in Madrid and travel, is the majestic and imposing Royal Palace of Madrid. You can walk inside as a tourist or as a member of royalty, you decide. It is so large that its size duplicates the Palace of Versailles and houses an enormous pictorial collection of tapestries, ceramics and musical instruments.

See the Prado Museum

And the large and important collection that hangs from its walls. The Prado Museum is one place of those what to visit in Madrid with children, since they can learn a little about the different artistic periods. Few insiders would doubt that El Prado contains the largest and most relevant collection of European painting today.

Walk through the Puerta del Sol

In your plans to do in Madrid, walking through the Puerta del Sol should be one of the main activities. Even more so if the New Year approaches, where you should receive it along with the rest of Madrid as tradition. You can see that in its center is the «Km 0» of the radial roads of Spain, have a coffee while you see the tourists passing by and do not stop photographing yourself next to the Bear and the Madroño. Obliged!


What to see in Madrid?


The Guernica at the Reina Sofía Museum

Do not ask more about what to see in Madrid today, you should see Pablo Picasso’s Guernica at the Museo Reina Sofía.It is a work of great dimensions that represents the bombing of the city of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. You can have a good time deconstructing the painting and interpreting its figures.

The Fountain of Cibeles

It is an excellent sample of neoclassicism, so you must see and contemplate the source of Cibeles. It is located right in the center of Madrid, and is the venue for football teams such as Real Madrid or Atlético. Anyway, it’s worth throwing a coin at the goddess Cibeles.

Calle Serrano

If you are a lover of good taste and have a bulky pocket, one of the things what to do in Madrid is to walk down Calle Serrano. You’ll see shop windows as exclusive as Cartier, Prada or Carolina Herrera. If you do not have a budget, then you can write down the latest trends.

What to eat in Madrid?

If there is anything what to do on a Sunday in Madrid, it is to eat a good dish from Callos a la Madrileña. It consists of the stomach meat of the cow, accompanied with ham, chorizo and black pudding in stew. It is a delicious dish that leaves no one unhappy, although you will need a digestive later.

Another food representative of the city of Madrid more «light», are the Snacks of Squid, bocadillo de calamares, which are coated in flour and fried in olive oil. You can accompany them inside a sandwich or simply eat alone with hot sauce and a beer. Delicious.

Hotels of Madrid

Something you should keep in mind before visiting the city, is that hotels in Madrid and accommodation in general are not cheap. But you can always get affordable options that fit almost any budget. You can always find downtown hostels for less than € 50 a night.

But you also have cheap Madrid hotels whose rates are medium-high, an example is the Room Mate Laura, located between the Gran Vía and very close to the Puerta del Sol. You can even see the availability on Airbnb from your Smartphone and book a room in any neighborhood of the city before your arrival. You choose!

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city at the level of the big cities of the world. Walk its avenues, visit its museums and breathe the air of one of the most important capitals of Europe. You will feel like a true global citizen.


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