What to do in Granada 2020

What to do in Granada in 2020

What to do in Granada

Discover what to do in Granada, the noble Andalusian city. Know what to visit, what to do with children, what to visit on a Sunday. Granada awaits you in 2020


What to do in Granada: Cradle of Civilizations


The City: Granada

You still do not know her? Granada is a small city, capital of the province of the same name and belongs to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Its geographical location near the Sierra Nevada massif influences the climatic conditions present throughout the year.

Granada has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants, taking into account the totality of its metropolitan area. Besides, it is the seat of important institutions of government, science and education. The University of Granada or the Museum of Fine Arts of Granada are some of the examples.

It is necessary to mention that the history of the city is conditioned by its Muslim origins, since initially it was the Nazari Kingdom of Granada, or at least until the beginning of its ancient history. And although it was later ruled by the Catholic Monarchs, it did not become part of the configuration of Spain until the 17th century.

The «Very Noble» Andalusian city offers a wide range of possibilities to enjoy its location. For those looking for what to do in Granada, they should only continue reading the following lines and learn about the best recommendations. Tourists who visit the city can come into direct contact with the Nazari precedence still in force. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Granada!

Weather in Granada

El clima granadino es bastante cambiante y aunque recibe la denominación de “mediterráneo continental”, los meses más fríos pueden arreciar con fuerza debido a su cercanía al macizo de sierra Nevada y su altitud. Durante esta época que se extiende de de diciembre a marzo, las temperaturas tienen una media de 11º, incluso desciende hasta los 6º centígrados cuando las nevadas son constantes.

En cambio, durante el verano la temperatura se mantiene por encima de los 30ª durante el día y alcanza los 40º en casos extremos. Sobre las lluvias hay que mencionar que son infrecuentes y solo en los meses de verano se dan algunas ligeras precipitaciones. Con esto es suficiente para que puedas preparar tu equipaje de acuerdo a las condiciones climáticas de Granada. ¿No?

What to do in Granada?

Enjoy the Alhambra

There should not be any list of recommendations on what to visit in Granada that does not include the first option La Alhambra. Currently, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. It is a palatial complex that served as a royal residence at the time of the Nazari Kingdom of Granada. It is a true work of art that you can not miss, its views, its patios, the decoration, everything! is incredible..

Stroll through the Science Park

One of the best places to visit in Granada with children is the Science Park, although adults can enjoy it as well. It is a huge complex distributed in different pavilions, each dedicated to the human body, the contributions of the Andalusian civilization, the explorations and much more. But the best of all is that it is interactive, so you can learn firsthand about science or whatever it is while participating in it.

Conoce el Barrio de Albaicín

If you have questions about what to do in Granada today, you can go to the Albaicín neighborhood. Shape of the surrounding areas of the Alhambra and together have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its Arabic origin gives it a special air and it is possible to get lost in its streets while listening to the street musicians with their guitars. It is a magical experience to know Albaicín.


What to see in Granada?


The Cave Houses

More what to see in Granada, is a place where you should stay. The cave houses are located in the Sacromonte neighborhood, where formerly many of the warriors and gypsies who supported the Catholic kings in the conquest of Granada settled. Nowadays it is a calm and bohemian neighborhood where these characteristic houses are still maintained and it is an original option to stay.

The New Square

It is the perfect place to see and be seen, to understand the fiber of Granada and its life in the city. In the Plaza Nueva converge the different urban axes that make up Granada and is full of life. There you can sit in a cafe and chat with the locals to learn about their habits or way of life.

The Mirador de San NicolásWhat to see in Granada

Do you know what you can not forget in your plans to do in Granada? From the Mirador de San Nicolás. And the best time to visit is just before sunset, since you can see the panorama of the city, with the silhouette of the Alhambra and Sierra de Nevada de Fondo. You will be speechless.

What to eat in Granada?

After how much there is what to see in Granada today, surely you will be starving. In that case, you should try any dish offered, as they are framed in the Jewish and Arab customs of those who once dominated the city. The Pot of San Antón is very rich, because it consists of beans, rice, pork and black pudding in broth. An explosion of flavors.

But if you just want to have a snack, go for tapas in the center of Granada. The ham of Trevélez, the bacon or the sausages in general accompanied by some soup or bread, are representatives of the gastronomy of Granada. Find out what to do on a Sunday in Granada and take time to learn about their cuisine.

Hotels of Granada

Of course it is possible to find cheap Granada hotels and that the accommodation is of good quality. The Casa Palacio Pilar del Toro Hotel is very comfortable and receives good ratings from those who have stayed there. It is located in the historic center and is located less than 1km from the Alhambra and its surroundings. There are many price ranges between hotels in Granada, you can try some search engines on the internet and find the offers available at any time of the year.

Now that you know what to do in Granada, do not continue looking for where to go on your next vacation or how to surprise your partner, choose to visit Granada and you will not regret anything. We guarantee it.

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