What to do in Barcelona 2020

What to do in Barcelona in 2020

what to do in Barcelona

Discover what to do in Barcelona, the city of Barcelona on the shores of the Mediterranean that you should know. Discover what to visit, what to do with children, what to visit on a Sunday, etc. Barcelona is waiting for you in 2020


What to do in Barcelona: the Catalan capital on the shores of the Mediterranean


The City: Barcelona

For those who have already chosen this city as their next destination, they should first know a little about it to know what to do in Barcelona today. Historically, because it was the capital of the County of Barcelona, ​​it is usually informally called as the Ciudad Condal. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean and just over 100km away it has the Pyrenees nearby. There is no doubt that its geographical location contributes a lot to its big city environment.

Barcelona currently has just over 5 million inhabitants, which makes it the second most populated city in Spain, just behind Madrid. In addition, it is officially the capital of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It should be noted that the influence of the Iberians, the Visigoths or the Romans is still palpable in the architecture and the prevailing culture. History everywhere.

For the rest, Barcelona is recognized today throughout the world for the importance of its cultural, economic and tourist activities. It is the headquarters of several international corporations, has one of the most important ports in Spain and has a connection with the most recognized European cities. Visit it and enjoy a few days of rest in this splendid metropolis.

Weather in Barcelona

Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean, the climate in Barcelona is classified as subtropical. Before deciding what to see in Barcelona, you should prepare yourself comfortably with light cotton clothes and shorts to combat the warm temperatures. During the 365 days of the year, the average temperature is 18º Celsius. And it is precisely in the summer, between July and August, that the thermal sensation seems greater than the real temperature.

The coldest month is January, but the temperature does not usually fall below about 13º in urban areas. Although there are more frigid variations towards the higher areas in the proximity of the mountains. A very changeable climate, but one that remains almost hot

What to do in Barcelona?

Be dazzled by the Howhat to see in Barcelonaly Family

What to do in Barcelona? Good question, since you can fill your itinerary in full in this city. The Sagrada Familia is one of the most representative symbols of Barcelona, which appears on postcards and shirts. For many, it is the masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí that was never completed, and is still under construction. To enter into it is to explore something totally different from conventional architecture.

Climb to Montjuic Castle

It is one of those excellent plans what to do on a Sunday in Barcelona, go up to the Castle of Montjuic. Its strategic location allows you to see the best views of all of Barcelona and you can visit its structure to understand its importance in the history of the city. You can get on the funicular that takes you to the highest point of Montjuic and also explore how much this neighborhood has to offer.

Visit the Camp Nou

For football lovers, it’s one of those things what to do in Barcelona that can not be missing from the agenda. The Camp Nou is the headquarters of FC Barcelona and one of the most recognized soccer stadiums in the world. Its capacity is almost 100,000 people, which is amazing to see. And if you’re lucky, maybe you can watch some training or friendly game during the visit. Do not miss it.


What to see in Barcelona?


The Batlló House

If you still do not know what to see in Barcelona today, you should take a walk around Casa Batlló. It is the work of Antoni Gaudí and is strongly influenced by the naturalist tendency of the architect. Its facade has a dreamlike aspect of the day and at night it is shown as an exquisite work of the artist. Without a doubt it is a building that you can not fail to see on your trip.

La Rambla

La Rambla is a historic promenade that connects the old port with the center of the city of Barcelona. On your tour you can see small art shops, books, cafes and florists. Nearby you have other tourist attractions such as the Cathedral of Barcelona or the Maritime Museum. If you do not know what to visit in Barcelona with children, you can go around here.

The Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona

Coincidentally also located in La Rambla, is the Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona. It is a lavish theater that has survived several fires and that due to its trajectory and musical importance, it is considered one of the best in the world. For many decades it was the meeting point to enjoy excellent opera pieces, although it still maintains its function and the acoustics are exceptional. You already have what to visit in Barcelona.

What to eat in Barcelona?

Among your plans to do in Barcelona, you must include enjoying its gastronomy. Give yourself the pleasure of trying a typical Parellada Paella from the Catalan region. This is composed not only of seafood such as seafood or prawns, but of boneless meat and fish. A mixed dish with great flavor.

You can also taste pa amb tomàque or pan con tomate, which is a Mediterranean sandwich but very typical of Catalonia. Some variations of this bread are served with tomato, olive oil and pickled ham. All a delight.

Hotels of Barcelona

The options of hotels in Barcelona are very varied. You can stay in such luxurious alternatives as the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, which has a privileged location and a panoramic view of the incomparable city. Or you can also get cheap Barcelona hotels like the Acta Antibes. If you really want to save on accommodation, we recommend you search and book in advance to reduce costs in your journey through Barcelona.

Now that you know what to do in Barcelona, if you already decided to travel all over Spain or just want to spend a different weekend, you can plan a trip to Barcelona. You will be able to marvel at what Catalan society and its Mediterranean culture have to offer you.


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