What to do in Almeria 2020

What to do in Almeria in 2020

What to do in Almeria

Discover what to do in Almeria, the wonderful Mediterranean city. Know what to visit, what to do with children, what to visit on a Sunday. Almeria awaits you in 2018


What to do in Almeria: Port of al-Ándalus


The City of Almeria.

Yes, Almería, port of al-Ándalus. Or at least during the Muslim domination of the Iberian Peninsula. Historians claim that it was founded around 955 a.C. and it became the most important port during the Caliphate of Cordoba. Have you ever imagined it?

This beautiful port city became an important maritime and cultural center until its decline towards the thirteenth century, when it was annexed by the Catholic Monarchs and decimated by plagues and piracy. Because it is a focus of history, there is much that Almeria has gone through and that today it has to show to all its visitors.

Almería currently belongs to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and with its approximately 200,000 inhabitants, it is an important cultural, economic and industrial center with great expectations of growth. Do you plan to travel soon and do not know what to do in Almeria? Come, here vasa know exactly what you have to do, see and eat to say: «I was in Almería, old port of al-Ándalus».

Weather in Almeria

Almeria is very close to the Mediterranean, but the classification of its climate is semi-arid. Meteorologists call it the driest city on the European continent and even the Mediterranean basin. You must be prepared for your warm weather at any time of the year and adjust your plans to do in Almeria accordingly.

The winter or colder months usually have temperatures that range between 16º and 10º and frosts are non-existent, so you can forget about wearing winter clothes if you travel between December and February.

The temperatures during the summer vary between 22º and 33º, although in the hottest days they can exceed 40º. This is mainly due to hot air currents from the Sahara Desert. Get prepared in this climate to enjoy Almeria to the fullest.

What to do in Almeria?

Swim in San Miguel Beach Cabo de Gata

Before deciding what to do today in Almeria, the first thing you should do is dive into one of its beaches. San Miguel is one of the closest to the city and is part of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Its sand is yellowish and the marine ecosystem is the most preserved of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Make sure you bring sunscreen and dark glasses to spend the day in its warm waters.

Tour the Alcazaba of Almería

If you do not know what to visit in Almería with children, you must take the little ones to know the Alcazaba. It is a fortified complex erected during the Muslim rule and today is considered one of the most important Arab works in the Iberian Peninsula. You can see and walk on its 5m high and 3m wide walls, tour the Powder Tower and learn about strategic military and civil construction.

What to see in Almeria?

Underground Shelters of the Spanish Civil War

A very sad chapter of the history of Almería is the bombings suffered during the Spanish Civil War, for which a series of interconnected underground shelters had to be built that nowadays serve as a museum. It is one of those places what to see in Almeria that will amaze you and the guided tour covers at least 1km of the total 4km of the entire complex. It is considered one of the best preserved shelters in Europe and you should see it.

The Apollo Theater

If you do not know what to visit in Almeria, do not hesitate to visit the Apolo Theater. It is the only theater still standing of all that were built during the nineteenth century in the city, so it is an important structure of local history. Recently it has been restored and it is possible to visit its rooms and imagine the interpretations in the Urcitan tables.

The Museum of AlmeriaWhat to see in Almeria

It is an important art center of prehistoric Muslim and pre-Roman times, this museum is something what to see in Almeria today if you are not doing much. In its rooms are exposed archaeological remains excavated in the city and that account for all the historical costume of Almeria since its founding.

What to eat in Almeria?

Come on, there’s nothing better what to do on a Sunday in Almeria than to go out and eat their local dishes. Almeria’s gastronomy did not have great external influence, that’s why its preparations are based on the main ingredients of its province.

You can taste the Colorao Caldo, which is a fish soup with potatoes to which many peppers are added. It really is very tasty this soup. And you also have to try the different tapas based on fish or pickled with herbs. Eat everything to know what else you like about your kitchens.

Hotels of Almeria

If you are about to travel to this wonderful city, you can always get cheap Almeria hotels with excellent value for money. The Nuevo Torreluz Hotel is an affordable option with first class rooms and very good service. It is located in the Plaza de las Flores in Almeria, very close to the places of tourist interest.

But if what you are looking for is something more exclusive, among the hotels in Almería you have the Casona Granado. It is located on the outskirts of the city in the town of El Pilar, but there you can live an experience of good taste and comfort as in few places.

There is no doubt that Almeria is an unparalleled destination among those you can get on the shores of the Mediterranean. Dare to explore its streets and emblematic places, delighting in everything in it.

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