Vueling calls «reflection» on strikes in summer and warns of its impact on tourism

It moderates its growth at 3.9% this year and says that the oversupply in northern Europe is offset by the evolution in domestic markets and islands

The president of Vueling, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, has asked this Friday for a public reflection on the strikes called during the summer that affect passengers and customers who are taken as «hostages» and that have an important impact on tourism in our country

The airline belonging to the ‘holding’ IAG ensures that at this time it does not have specific data on the impact that the strike of the Iberia airport personnel last weekend had on the company, which forced Vueling to cancel 110 flights in The Prat

In a conference with journalists on the occasion of the semiannual results of the group, Sánchez-Prieto, has described the strikes in summer as «unacceptable» and has warned about their impact on the sector during the tourist season.

However, he said that taking into account that this situation has been repeated in recent years, the company has «very controlled» protocols when managing the situation. «The team did a good job of being able to pre-notify customers, manage their relocation on other flights and try to minimize impacts,» he said.