Veturis Travel partners with SiteMinder to boost its growth in Europe and Asia

Veturis Travel, one of the bed banks that is growing the most in Europe, and SiteMinder, the leading cloud services platform for the hotel sector globally, are partnering to boost their presence in Europe and Asia. The wholesale company thus increases its investment in cloud-based technology as part of its recent transition to dynamic online rates and its strategy to expand direct contracts with hotels.

Currently, Veturis Travel provides support to more than 180,000 hotels through a B2B interface with travel agencies and tourism destination management companies in more than 70 countries, including Spain, where more than 19,000 hotels are located.

The bed bank, originally from Spain, has a strong presence in countries such as Italy, France and Thailand that helps it increase its business alliances in others in other tourist destinations in Europe and Asia.

“The philosophy of Veturis Travel is based on the synergy between people and technology. The outlook for wholesale companies is changing and the key to remaining relevant is the specialization and added value we provide to our partners, to help them compete through the distribution process. Our partnership with SiteMinder represents an important and strategic evolution and an opportunity to explore new possibilities. At the same time, it strengthens what has made our business a success to date, “says Irma Mesa, Head of Sales Support at Veturis Travel.

In addition to hotels, Veturis Travel has specialized in recent years in cruises, transfers, tour packages and other travel products. Last year, The London Stock Exchange Group placed Veturis Travel on its list of ‘The 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe’.

“In a world where digitization is the order of the day, traditional hotel distribution channels, such as wholesalers, are facing new challenges and more competition than ever before.” It is easy to believe that the arrival of new technologies that include artificial intelligence, chatbots and virtual reality are leaving behind other marketing and sales methods, organizations like Veturis Travel demonstrate not only the continuous value of the wholesale sector, but also its resilience and ability to adapt through technological innovation, “says Mateus Coelho, regional director for Spain , Portugal and Brazil in SiteMinder.