Venezuela launches a strategy to boost tourism and show «the truth of the country»

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has taken part this Monday in the launch of the ‘Marca País’ strategy to boost Venezuela’s tourism and exports and to show «the truth of the country».

«It is the moment of the Marca País strategy to get the truth out of Venezuela, the beauty of Venezuela and whoever wants to come, come and share this land,» the president said. «Venezuela is open to the arrival of a better time,» he stressed.

In the presentation of the strategy, Maduro has also indicated that Venezuela is being attacked by the media war, which according to the president has the objective of «nobody coming close to Venezuela» and that the investors move away.

«Much of the media war to which Venezuela is subjected in the world has as its goal that nobody comes close to Venezuela, that no one comes to invest, Venezuela being the best country in the world for investment,» the president said. He added that «there is no other country in the world with greater opportunities».