USA warning of an increase in «violent crimes» in tourist areas of Barcelona

The U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Spain and Andorra has warned of an increase in «violent crimes» this summer, especially in popular tourist areas, according to the document released by the institution.

The text, consulted by Europa Press, states that local authorities have detected a «significant increase» in the number of robberies that include acts of violence, and even attacks to steal jewelry, watches and bags.

In some cases, these incidents have caused injuries to the victims and «the authorities indicate that they are trying to address these problems,» the document emphasizes.

In this situation, the Embassy asks US citizens to «remain especially vigilant about their personal safety.»

Specifically, it is advisable to be aware of your belongings, be alert in areas frequented by tourists, not resist in cases of attempted robberies, do not display expensive jewelry or watches, call 112 in case you need urgent help and review information on security in Spain in the official pages.