US urges airlines to go through “caution” Iranian airspace

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States has issued on Monday an alert addressed to the airlines in which they urge the companies to act with “caution” when operating in Iranian airspace and have expressed their concern about the military activity in area.

The recommendation of the US agency has been published before the previous alert expired. The authorities have indicated that military activities are largely due to the transit associated with the conflict in Syria.

Tension has risen between the authorities in Iran and the administration of US President Donald Trump, after he decided to withdraw from the nuclear deal in May to re-impose sanctions against Tehran.

The authorities have indicated in a statement that, without being alarmist, it must be taken into account that the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated. “Although the reopening of Iraqi airspace in November has given more additional options as to the routes to follow, there is no perfect route in the region and we must take into account whether it is better to fly over Iraq than Iran,” the text states.

On the other hand, the State Department has recommended that citizens not travel to Iran, where they risk being victims of arbitrary arrests and detentions.