US evacuates its nationals from the ‘Diamond Princess’, which already records 218 positive for coronavirus

The United States Government has issued an evacuation order for the more than 400 American passengers on the ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise ship, now under quarantine for the coronavirus in the Japanese port of Yokohama, to complete another 14 days of isolation in their country, while the number of positives on board has reached 218 cases.

«We are deeply grateful to the cruise line and the government of Japan for working so diligently to contain and control the spread of the disease,» according to a statement from the US Embassy.

«However, to fulfill the responsibilities of our government with US citizens under our rules and practices, as well as to reduce the burden on the Japanese health system, the US Government recommends, as a precaution, that US citizens disembark and return to the United States for further follow-up, «according to the note collected by the Washington Post.

The plane will arrive in Japan on Sunday night. Passengers will be examined for symptoms and then taken by bus to the aircraft. «We are working with our Japanese allies to ensure that symptomatic passengers receive the necessary attention in Japan if they cannot board the flight,» according to the Embassy.

So far, 218 passengers and crew on board the ship have tested positive for the virus, of the 713 people who have been examined. There were 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew on board the ship when it was quarantined, but those with the virus have been gradually evacuated to hospitals throughout Japan.

The cruise began its quarantine on February 5 and in principle should end on the 19th, but the certainty of the deadline has become more diffuse, as new cases of coronavirus on board have expanded, after the first infection of A passenger who landed in Hong Kong.