Up to 110 flights from Barcelona Airport canceled due to protests

A total of 108 flights departing from Barcelona – El Prat Airport have been canceled due to protests called by Tsunami Democràtic in response to the ruling of the sovereign process.

As reported by Aena on his Twitter account, of the 1066 flights scheduled for Monday at the airport, 108 have been canceled and 707 have been operated normally.

Tsunami, which has more than 150,000 followers in this social network, has asked to go to this infrastructure with any means of transport: car, Aerobus, train, Metro, motorcycle and taxi.

Access to the airport by road and public transport to T1 has been closed at some times by protesters, who at 20 hours were still concentrated outside the terminal, while only a very small group was inside the check-in area without ever reaching restricted areas, government sources have indicated.

They explain that procedures have been enabled to transfer arriving passengers from T1 to T2, so that they can use public transport from there.