United Kingdom will guarantee the continuity of flights with the EU before a ‘Brexit’ without agreement

The British Government has confirmed that it will guarantee the continuity of flights between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU), in case of a ‘Brexit’ without agreement, allowing access to the country of the Community airlines until March 2020, after which The European Commission (EC) will announce the same proposal in February.

London already noted in October 2018 that it would adopt a “pragmatic approach to secure” flights and protect British airlines flying to Europe. Both proposals will guarantee the connectivity area in any scenario as up to now.

The British Government hopes that these contingency measures are not necessary, since the efforts are focused on reaching an agreement with the EU. In fact, they will only come into force if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement.

“Around 164 million passengers travel between the UK and the EU each year, so these measures will ensure that passengers can continue to take business and leisure flights in a scenario without agreement,” says the British Ministry of Transport. a statement.


The negotiating teams of the European Parliament and of the Twenty-seven closed in February a principle of agreement on contingency measures to reduce the damage in the air sector should the negotiations for an orderly divorce fail and a chaotic ‘Brexit’ occur. next March 29.

The principle of agreement, pending even the formal approval of the European Parliament and the EU-27, includes other contingency measures to temporarily allow British-licensed airlines to provide basic air transport services between the United Kingdom and the EU countries.

The European Parliament proposed to give airlines an additional one year to submit their plan (until March 2020) and the Twenty-seven were betting instead for an extension of seven months, that is, until October 29 of this year. The consensus achieved means that airlines must comply “fully” with community requirements “at the latest within a period of six months, from the application of the regulations”.

These rights were subject to the United Kingdom granting equivalent rights and respecting conditions that guarantee fair competition. The plan provides for seven months to ensure the continuity of public services while the national authorities make the adaptations required by the new situation.