UK airports will have military-type equipment against drones

The Government of the United Kingdom has announced on Thursday that it is working to deploy military-type equipment against drones in all airports of the country, after the recent incidents with these devices at the London airfields of Gatwick and Heathrow.

Defense Minister Gavin Williamson has stressed that “it would not be appropriate” to ask the Air Force to respond to similar incidents in the future and has indicated that commercial airports should invest in the installation of this technology.

“I think everyone would expect all airports to have this deterrent and deterrent effect, at all commercial airports, in the future, it’s logical that they invest in it,” he argued.

In fact, the Gatwick airport announced last week that it had invested five million pounds sterling (about 5.5 million euros) to avoid similar incidents, while Heathrow has confirmed that it will buy these systems.

According to the information provided by the British television channel BBC, the authorities are also working to proceed with the deployment of this type of equipment in infrastructures such as prisons, power stations and military installations.

On Tuesday, Heathrow Airport, the busiest in the United Kingdom, suspended takeoffs for an hour due to the alleged presence of drones in the area.

Just two weeks before, Gatwick Airport was left in chaos for several days due to the presence of drones in the vicinity of the runway, which caused its closure in the days before Christmas.

The Armed Forces were called to participate as part of the response to the chaos in Gatwick, following the closure of its runway on December 19 for three days, which affected the trip of 140,000 passengers.