Uganda temporarily bans tourist visits to see gorillas

Uganda announced on Wednesday the temporary ban on tourist sights to see gorillas, the country’s main tourist attraction, in the framework of measures taken against the coronavirus pandemic.

«Primate tourism in all protected areas has been suspended until April 30,» the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has announced in a statement. However, he has indicated that already scheduled visits may be rescheduled to «give flexibility to tour operators and avoid cancellations.»

Furthermore, it has announced the creation of a special force dedicated to monitoring and mitigating the impact of the health crisis on the fauna and flora of the African nation.

«All staff have been ordered to remain vigilant, wash their hands with soap or alcohol, maintain social distance and avoid contracting the virus,» he said.

The UWA has been aware that these measures will have implications for tourist activity, although it has maintained that «they are necessary to protect and conserve our natural resources.»

Uganda, where only nine cases of Covid-19 have been reported, had already closed its borders to international travelers to avoid infection.