Two men arrested in Ibiza for distracting tourists in hotel receptions to steal their belongings

Agents of the National Police have arrested in Ibiza two individuals of Moroccan origin, alleged perpetrators of several robberies in hotels in Ibiza.

As reported by the police, the detainees, aged 33 and 38, they were posing as French citizens residing in the United Kingdom. The ‘modus operandi’ they used was that, while one of them was in charge of distracting the victims by requesting information, his companion proceeded to the subtraction of the neglected effects.

In recent weeks, an increase in the number of thefts registered in the reception areas of the hotels had been detected and, therefore, an Operational Plan had been activated from the Police Station in Ibiza to respond to thefts and other criminal typologies that emerge in the summer season.

The agents, after identifying the two suspects, mounted a device that ended with the arrest of both when they tried to steal objects from a new victim.

The two detainees have been brought to justice, continuing the investigation open in case they could be involved in more events of the same nature.