Two flights from Europe land in the United States with at least twelve sick passengers

The passengers of two flights of the American Airlines company were attended last Thursday by the emergency services at the International Airport of Philadelphia, in the United States, after twelve people presented symptoms similar to those of the flu.

A total of 250 people are undergoing medical tests as a preventive measure, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States (CDC, according to its acronym in English) have been notified, as reported by the airport spokeswoman Diane Gerace .

The two planes had landed at the airport during the afternoon of this Thursday, one of them from Paris and one from Munich, as indicated by Gerace, who has assured that no other aircraft or airport operation has been affected.

None of the passengers has been quarantined, as American Airlines spokeswoman Leslie Scott explained. The crew of both flights, meanwhile, did not contact the medical staff before the landing.

The incident occurred just one day after 19 passengers of an Emirates company plane covering the Dubai-New York route were transferred to a hospital in the US city after becoming ill during the flight.

As reported by the airline, sick passengers, who were treated by emergency teams immediately after landing in New York, have been able to disembark “soon” from the plane that, at first, was in quarantine.

The results of the analyzes carried out by the health workers will shed more details about the supposed illness contracted by the passengers during the 14-hour flight, but everything points to a flu. The Commissioner of Health of New York, Oxiris Barbot, has indicated that the main symptoms presented are fever, vomiting and cough.

Some of the passengers had participated in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj, at a time of high circulation of the virus, which could have caused them to incubate the flu. The virus could have been transmitted later between the passengers since it was a long flight.