TravelgateX and Travel Compositor sign an agreement to multiply connections for travel sales worldwide

The two Mallorcan companies, specialized in tourism technology, join in a global agreement that will allow multiplying the travel business in Latin America, Europe and the United States.
When the front and back of two global technology companies come together, the businesses that could be produced are incalculable. And this is the case of the historic agreement signed by technology companies TravelgateX and Travel Compositor to boost the growth of the B2B travel sector with a global strategy that could move millions of euros.

While these are two different but complementary business models, since what they have in common, is that both companies are dedicated to travel technology. In this way, OTAS, travel agencies, channel managers, hotels, airlines, activity agencies can take advantage of this global agreement to grow in transactions, products and business worldwide. The strategic alliance will allow multiplying business for both clients and suppliers.
Travel Compositor is a travel sales platform specialized in the sale of dynamic packages that allows any tourism company to sell them around their own product. TravelgateX is the marketplace that connects tourist buyers and sellers from all over the world. Both companies have joined efforts, talent, technology and knowledge that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the B2B travel sector.

This strategic alliance has been designed between the two technology companies to multiply the business of customers, suppliers, and make them more competitive in the B2B travel sector.

In the opinion of Manuel Aragonés, CEO of Travel Compositor: «It is as if Movistar and Huawei are allied to give the best technology in mobile phones and connections, although in this case we are talking about connections and sales fronts. We have been involved in this agreement to move, connect and generate sales among hundreds of suppliers and customers in a world market in constant growth, hoping to be protagonists of that momentum.
For his part, José Díaz, CCO of TravelgateX has explained: «I think it’s a perfect match between functionality (the how) and connectivity (the one). We have been collaborating for a long time and for this reason we find it interesting that these two technological companies, which manage product of travel worldwide, can close this historic agreement that could move a very interesting turnover in the sector «.
Europe, the US and Latin America could be the main beneficiary regions of this global agreement. Travel Compositor operates in numerous Latin American countries and TravelgateX in Europe. Both have in common the arrival of their technologies in the US and work with global companies such as Logitravel, Viajes El Corte Inglés, Hotelbeds, Expedia, Carrefour. Love Holidays or Star Alliance among others.
In addition to this, the technological environments managed by companies could benefit in terms of implementation, speed and optimization for new customers or partners who want to sign new agreements. GraphQL, JavaScript, Python, GoRedis or agile systems are some of those used by the engineers of these companies.
As an anecdote, the companies have grown in the Parc Bit, both began their journey in the incubator and over time have expanded. Both companies exceed the hundred engineers who will work to make this agreement a reality.