Travelers who use online travel agencies spend 17.5% more, according to Expedia

Travelers who plan their trips through an online travel agency (OTA) have a total spending level 17.5% higher than those who do it in other ways, and extend their stays by 8.4%, according to Expedia Group data that has analyzed the value that this type of agencies offer to hotel establishments and the tourism value chain.

According to data from the last four years, OTAs are the channel that grows most among travelers: it is that all age segments, from generation Z (87%) to millennials (80%), to generation X ( 81%) and baby boomers (72%) see the utility of reserving accommodation and transportation through the same channel.

These are qualified and loyal travelers, who expect to find different services, which extends the reach of hotels that offer accommodation through these channels. Reservations tend to be packages (the combination of flight plus hotel, or other complementary services), which translates into average rates per night 20% higher, on average, than in reservations that only include accommodation.

Expedia Group will offer more information about the value of the OTAs during the round table in which will participate Walter Lo Faro, director of market management for the South of Europe of Expedia Group, in Hotel Trends 2019 that will take place in the Hospitality Innovation Planet ( HIP) next Tuesday, February 19.