Travelers who choose a holiday apartment spend more days on average in the Balearic Islands

Travelers who opt for a holiday apartment spend more days on average in the Balearic Islands, against those who choose a rural accommodation make the shorter stays, according to the report of the Economic Situation of the Balearic Islands regarding the month of July.

Specifically, the average stay between January and May decreased by 2.1%, to 5.2 days. In the case of hotels, each traveler was on average 5.2 days, while in the tourist apartments, the stay was 5.7 days. On the other hand, in rural accommodation it reached 3.3 days on average.

The study also reveals that during the first five months of the year the total expenditure made by tourists in the Islands continues to show positive rates of change. The average daily expenditure has increased at a rate higher than the average expenditure per person, given that the average stay of tourists has decreased compared to last year.

The maintenance of the number of overnight stays, together with the rise in prices, has pushed hotel profitability upwards. The average stay shows a small setback and stands at 5.2 days.

For islands, in Mallorca the beginning of the tourist season in the campaign of 2018 corresponding to regulated establishments offers an increase in the number of travelers and overnight stays until May.

In this sense, the study highlights that travelers in hotel establishments have increased by 4.8%. In the case of tourist apartments, travelers evolve negatively (-6.9%). On the other hand, overnight stays in rural establishments also increase at a high rate (25% more).

The season of 2018 in Menorca presents during the first five months a reduction in the number of tourists, highlighting the fall of tourism of British origin, with a rate of -23.6%.

On the other hand, in Ibiza and Formentera the tourist season has begun with a maintenance both in the overnight stays and in the number of travelers of the hotel establishments. The average stay remains in 4.4 days.