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Tourist Information

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For those who work in the tourism sector, they should be aware of all the tourist information available to advise their clients correctly and to know the latest tourist news. And for that we are, because in Magazine of Travel International you have all the information of interest that a travel agent, receptionist, tour guide, hotel managers, airlines, wholesalers, etc., has to know. Let’s review a little everything you can find in our digital tourism newspaper, join us!

Green Tourism, promote it!

More and more travelers are joining the trend of green tourism, so you should know all the tourist information of the routes, cities and locations where only the enjoyment and care of nature is promoted. In our GREEN TOURISM category, you can find the latest news, launches and important information that you can offer to your adventurers.

From the cities that are promoting ecological tourism in Spain, ornithological expeditions, influx of travelers in the holiday season, the best places to rest and even the green tech hotels, you will find out everything here. Your job is not just to provide tourist information, but the best and most updated. In Magazine of Travel, we give it to you.

In addition, at a time when globalization and industrialization are trying to win the race to nature, you can contribute to promote green tourism for the enjoyment of those who are about to go on vacation or to travel for work. Surely your travelers will thank you.

Spanish destinations, to enjoy to the fullest

And if you ask yourself: what does Spain have to offer? Very much! In our SPAIN DESTINATION category you can read about the investments that the big international hotel chains make in our country, recommendations of national hotels, inaugurations, the most visited cities, tourist programs and much more.

If you have customers who want to know every corner of the Iberian Peninsula and want to give them accurate tourist information, just visit our web Magazine of Travel Spain. Sometimes it is not so easy to know what happens in our country in the tourism sector, but that is what we are for. The intention of our team is to work so that you are up to date with the news and trends that currently occupy Spain. So we can all enjoy the most without leaving the country.

International Tourism, only the best

But it is also true that there are many countries that have great things to offer and it is something that travelers seek to take advantage of. In that case, by clicking on DESTINATION WORLD, you discover all the tourist information of what is happening in Saudi Arabia, Cuba, the Philippines and the rest of the world, the must have in luxury places, new nautical routes and the expeditions that you can recommend

Never before reaching an unknown destination was so pleasant, especially if you have the recommendations and advice of our tourism newspaper to encourage your customers. It will be enough that you read a bit of the tourist information that we publish so that you can make the best decision and advise correctly whoever wants to accumulate traveler’s miles.

And everything is just one iota of what you can get in the Magazine of Travel about tourist information. We have much more for you.