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Tourism News 2020 updated with the latest news from the tourism sector


At Magazine of Travel International, we take care to keep the reader abreast of the latest tourism news and news that involve the tourism sector. Our goal is to collect, store and publish the best tourism news, and all periodic tourist information of general interest that can meet the needs of our readers.

And is it possible to travel without knowing anything about our destination, transport routes, accommodation and places of interest? Of course not! It is a mistake not to document before choosing the place of your next vacation. Also, if you are a tourism professional, as a travel agent, hotel manager, tourist event coordinator, etc., you can also bury the latest tourism news related to what happens in our country and outside of it.

In our tourist newspaper you can find interesting information in Magazine of Travel International, whether you are passionate about travel or a tourism professional. Browse our digital newspaper and you will learn much more before embarking on your next vacation, as well as getting to know all the tourist news.

Magazine of Travel International – Tourism News

Yes, Magazine of Travel International is a digital newspaper of tourism in which the reader will find tourism news of great interest for all. Through its pages you can discover important information that will help you in the planning, organization and realization of your next trip.

You can start the tour through the «hotels» section to learn about the events, openings and recommendations about the main hotel chains. Besides, you will know about their achievements and references so that you can select the best option for your next trip. «Agencias» offers you tourism news that directly involves tour operators, travel agencies or booking websites and their news with respect to travelers.

By clicking on the «Transportation» section you will find out about tourism news, offers, new proposals and launches that both airlines, bus lines, taxis, trains or other means offer their users, in addition to knowing all the Actuality of airports. And is that, would you choose without thinking the means of transport to your next place of rest? Better not, the ideal is to meditate well to make the right decision.

The rest of the sections in the Magazine of Travel International are aimed at showing relevant tourism news on topics such as «Green Tourism«, «Destination Spain«, «Destination World«, «Cruises«, «Gastronomy«, «Events«, » Technology «and» Luxury «. All these sections represent an integral combination so that tourism professionals and travelers can stay informed about tourism at all levels.

Magazine of Travel International – TOURIST INFORMATION

But if you are a travel agent or a tourism professional, Magazine of Travel International is your reference website for the latest tourism news, in which you get the latest news associated with the different branches of the sector. New launches of international routes, offers of leasing companies, opening of new hotels, business events and much more.

In Magazine of Travel International we are concerned that our users receive objective and relevant information, and the best and most up-to-date tourism news, so that they are always in touch with the tourist world in general. Well, what would it be like to work in a travel agency without even knowing which are the main hotel chains and airlines most in demand? Nothing! Every good professional who dedicates himself to the trade, has to stay updated on each novelty.

Even if you subscribe to our newsletter for free, you can receive notifications about the latest events or tourist news directly to your e-mail. Magazine of Travel International is the reference web to know the best tourism news that many choose for the reliability of our website. You are welcome!ç

Everything you need to know about tourism, you can find it in Magazine of Travel International!

And it is simply that if you want to find and know tourist information about destinations of which you heard before, but have not yet visited our tourism news, Magazine of Travel International integrates the segment of «What to do in …?», Place where you will get advice, recommendations and suggestions for activities, gastronomy, hotels and places of interest so that you can enjoy the length and breadth of the Iberian Peninsula. You sign up?

From Madrid, Valencia, Granada, to Mallorca and Tenerife, in Magazine of Travel International you will find everything you need to know so you can make the most of your next adventure.

If you want to collect information about different cities, you just have to click on our website to become a tourist guide.

Now that you know what we can offer you, what do you expect? Get down to work and go through the Magazine of Travel Internantional so that you can discover everything we have for you about tourist information and the most relevant tourism news in the sector.

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