Tourism increases, in the last month, where Game of Thrones has been shot, according to Jetcost

Searches of flights to the filming locations of the famous series have tripled since the beginning of the last season a month ago

Seville and Girona increased by 215% and 170% respectively

When there is only one episode left until the end of the HBO series, no one doubts that Game of Thrones has become a worldwide television phenomenon, followed by millions of viewers around the world, in addition to its characters, its history, its plots, the costumes and the epic battles, the locations of the seven kingdoms have become places of pilgrimage for thousands of fans, who plan their vacations to visit the mythical scenes of the series. This is what the flight and hotel search engine has seen in the last month, which has experienced a spectacular increase in searches in Seville and Girona and four other cities since the beginning of the last season on 14 February. April.

The Jetcost team has analyzed the number of searches for flights to the airports closest to the key locations of the shooting of the Game of Thrones series, comparing the results with the previous month. Seville and Girona among those that have increased the most, with 215% and 170% respectively.

Google Trends data confirm this worldwide interest in the series’ filming locations, as searches like “Where was game of thrones filmed?” have increased by 180% in the last 30 days, while the term “Game of Thrones filming locations” increased by 250% and, more specifically, “Game of Thrones” filming locations in Spain increased by 300%

The airports closest to the main shooting locations of Game of Thrones that recorded the largest increase in the number of searches during the last month have been *:

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia (Landing of the King, House of the Eternals, Red Fortress) – 260%
2. Belfast, Northern Ireland (Camino Real, Winterfell
 Battle of Hardhome) – 225%
3. Seville, Spain (Garden of Water of the Palace of the Kingdom of Dorne, Trench of Daznak, Dragon Well) – 215%
4. Reykjavik, Iceland (The Wall, Wildlands) – 205%
5. Girona, Spain (Braavos, Antigua) ?? 170%
6. Essaouria, Morocco (Astapor, Yellow City) – 130%

Seville has been one of the places where most scenes have been filmed, the Real Alcázar of Seville represented the Water Garden of the Palace of the Kingdom of Dorne in the fifth season. The Osuna Bullring was the stage to record one of the most impressive scenes of the 5th season the battle in the Daznak Pit where Daenerys Targaryen rides on his dragon and ends with his enemies.

In addition, the ruins of Itálica in Santiponce are Pozo Dragón, where in the last chapter of the seventh season Daenerys asks Cersei for a truce in his fight for the Iron Throne and his help when facing the White Walkers.

For its part, in Girona was located during the sixth season Braavos, one of the cities that most repeated in that season as it appears in eight of the ten episodes.

In the street of Bisbe Josep Cartaña, very close to the cathedral, one can find the stairs where Arya meets the abandoned girl and where she sat blind and began to ask. Other places of interest are La Plaça dels Jurats, where Arya sees the play or the mythical scene in Queen Margaery performs the path of shame from the Great Sept of Baelor, which was shot on the stairs and facade of the cathedral of Girona.

Finally, the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligats that in the series is the library of Antigua

Currently, both Seville and Girona have known how to exploit this phenomenon and several touristic tours can be done by visiting the filming locations of the series.

A spokesman for Jetcost said: “There has been a lot of excitement among fans around the world for the start of the last season of Game of Thrones, it is a superbly shot series and in which much attention has been paid to the locations of the seven kingdoms, thousands of fans are currently organizing their vacations to visit the places where mythical scenes have been shot, the beginning of this new season a month ago has made us notice a spectacular increase in flight searches to the main cities where the series goes on and especially to Seville and Girona. “