Enjoy the wonderful experience offered by the new rooftop “B-Heaven” of the Barceló Istanbul, where you can taste the best international cuisine while you drink an author’s cocktail and let yourself be seduced by the beautiful views of the skyline of ancient Constantinople

Two suggestive whirlpools will make the heat more bearable, while you enjoy a sunset enlivened with the unforgettable song of the muezzins calling to prayer from the multiple mosques of the city

Summer has also arrived in Istanbul and many are choosing to cushion the high temperatures in some of the rooftops that, as has happened in other large European cities, begin to decorate many of the great buildings that mark the skyline of this every time most modern city. One of the most talked about because of its beautiful design, the spectacular views from it, the two elegant whirlpool baths that it shelters and invites you to relax, and its exquisite fusion cuisine, in which specialties Turks are marinated with touches of international haute cuisine, is the B-Heaven terrace that crowns the 5 star hotel Barceló Istanbul.
Located next to the central Taksim Square, this beautiful newly opened premises is open every day from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. for both hotel guests and external visitors. In it it is possible to have an herbal tea or a coffee prepared in the traditional Turkish style; to taste an exquisite signature cocktail as the “In heaven”, which carries vodka, cinnamon, lemon and tangerine, among many other drinks. The menu of meals is equally varied, including Turkish tapas such as “crispy pitta” or the refreshing “müttebbel”, which is made with aubergine, tahini and garlic; more elaborate specialties such as “tartare de venera”, “ceviche de lubina” or “octopus a la brasa”, among others; or summer classics such as salads, pizzas or delicious Angus burgers. As a dessert, customers can choose between traditional baklava, but in a more modern version based on banana and chocolate, or a sophisticated “chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream, flavored with hazelnut and sesame”, in addition to other delights.

Tip to keep in mind: one of the best moments to enjoy B-Heaven is at dusk, when the muezzins call to prayer from the multiple mosques of Istanbul and intoxicate with their singing the unforgettable sky of this magical city.