They stop in Fuengirola (Malaga) a false travel agent who swindled about 20 people

Agents of the National Police, in the framework of the operation ‘Salsa’, have arrested in Fuengirola (Malaga) a woman of South American origin as alleged responsible for a score of scams in the sale of airline tickets, which used its origin to win the trust of the victims, who intended to travel to their countries of origin in South America with tickets purchased from the researched.

The investigation has allowed up to now to clarify 20 scams, in which the victims paid an average of 700 euros per ticket, which they never received, as explained by the National Police in a press release. In some cases, the researcher offered flight tickets that, once at the airport, verified those affected who did not exist.

Faced with the demands of economic claim after realizing the scam, the victims were threatened by the alleged swindler who if reported would not recover the money.