They remove a ton of plastic bags in La Gomera

The president of the Cabildo de La Gomera, Casimiro Curbelo, and the Minister of Tourism, María Isabel Méndez, delivered this Friday more than one ton of plastic from the single-use bags removed from the gomero shops.

On this occasion, the company Delfan Servicios Medioambientales is in charge of processing this plastic to make it one of permanent use, creating tools such as football field seats.

As explained by the insular leader, the measure is included in the project ‘La Gomera, free of plastic’, with which the Cabildo has encouraged the introduction of ecological paper bags in companies and shops, distributing more than 120,000 bags for free , in exchange for the withdrawal of the same amount of plastic that they use.

“It is a clear commitment to sustainability and, most importantly, to raising awareness of all of us facing a problem that we have to face with actions like this,” he said.

Curbelo recalled that two actions have been carried out in the six municipalities, enabling the distribution of 80,000 bags in a first phase, and an additional 40,000 in a second.

Thus, he said that it has been possible to promote alternative measures to plastic bags, minimizing the footprint left in the insular territory and, contributing to the conservation of a territory that is a Biosphere Reserve and to which it is owed ” cause as little impact as possible within sustainable development. ”


This initiative is part of the La Gomera Strategic Tourism Plan, with the aim of minimizing the impact that the arrival of visitors has on the island.

In this sense, the Minister of Tourism, María Isabel Méndez, wanted to review the utility of the project in a territory such as La Gomera, “where the management capacity of waste generated by tourists and residents is one of the main lines of work”.

He also underlined the appreciation that tourists make of these measures, whose repercussions have reached the media in the main European markets, because “they understand that these small gestures strengthen an island model where tourism development has gone hand in hand with the preservation of natural wealth “.