The World Tourism Organization believes that tourism has a «privileged» position to lead the recovery after the coronavirus

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) considers that the sector occupies a «privileged» position to lead the recovery after the coronavirus crisis, and has indicated that it will provide «jobs to people who need to return to activity», in addition to promote economic growth that helps countries recover.

However, he has called for «staying home today» to «be able to travel tomorrow», which will serve to «create employment, celebrate culture and promote friendship and understanding among all countries.»

In addition, he points out that tourism is «especially vulnerable», especially since 80% of the sector is made up of small and medium-sized companies.

As for those who have to travel for «humanitarian missions, business trips or to keep supplies running», UNWTO stresses that they must «take care of themselves» and that «there are no excuses or exceptions».

Following the recommendations of the Government of Spain, where the UNWTO headquarters is located, the organization has postponed all scheduled events until April 30 and all staff are working from home until the end of March.