The Valencian Community (Spain) receives more than one million international tourists in August, 1.9% more

The Comunitat Valenciana registered in August a total of 1,180,982 international tourists, which is 1.9% more than in August of the previous year, according to the Frontur-Egatur survey made public this Tuesday by the INE.

The survey shows a negative situation at the national level, with a decrease of 1.9% in the number of international arrivals in Spain, with Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Madrid being the most affected by this fall in foreign tourism in August, as reported by the Generalitat it’s a statement.

The regional secretary of Turisme, Francesc Colomer, wanted to emphasize that “the Valencian Community has thus managed to overcome this generalized decline, thanks to the good dynamism of all our main markets of origin of tourists”. In this sense, Colomer has affirmed that “the United Kingdom manages to raise in August about 2 percentage points”.

It also highlights the growth of other markets such as the Belgian, which increases by 20.4%; German, French, Italian and Nordic that grow more than 10 percentage points with respect to August 2017.

The same survey shows that, in August, international tourists disbursed a total of 1,300 million euros in the Valencia Region, 3% more year-on-year. The 5.1% increase in average daily spending stands out.

For Colomer, “they are interesting results”; However, he stressed that “we must maintain the line of work, prudence, responsibility and maximum tension to continue moving forward”.

The owner of Turisme has indicated that “these data lead to recognize the effort of the tourism sector, its potential and willingness to continue growing” and has highlighted “the work of all those who risk every day to position ourselves better and better in a global market that knows no borders. ”

He stressed that “this indicator on international tourist arrivals is essential for increasing the profitability of the sector, for the impact that its spending on destination has on the Valencian economy and the creation of employment”.

The president of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana recalled that his department “is intensifying the promotional activities in this last four months of the year, with the assistance to 18 specialized fairs and the organization of about 40 promotional actions”.


Regarding the data regarding the accumulated up to August, the Frontur-Egatur survey shows that the Comunitat received a total of 6.416.689 foreign tourists, 2.2% more than in the same period of 2017, in a negative situation of decline of the -0.1% for the set of national destinations.

By markets, growth is especially noteworthy in the case of the Belgian market (21.8%) and the Dutch market (14.8%). In addition, the French market has increased by 4.9%, Italian by 9.2% and German by 3.5%. For its part, the United Kingdom accumulates a decrease of -3.4% with about 2 million British tourists in the Region until August.

On the other hand, the expenditure of international tourists in the Region of Valencia reached 6,248 million euros up to August, a figure that increases by 4.3% to that recorded in the same period of 2017, one of the largest increases among the main Autonomous communities of Spain.

Until August the largest volume of expenditure was made by British tourists, with a total of 1,774 million euros, 1% more interannual, followed by the French who disbursed 879 million euros, 7% more and the Nordic with 659 million, which means a rise of 9.9%.