The US will make a new safety review of the Boeing 737 MAX

More than 300 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft remain paralyzed at airports

The US will make a new safety review of the Boeing 737 MAX

The Federal Aviation Agency of the United States (FAA) announced late on Wednesday that it will launch a new safety review of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the family to which the 737 MAX 8 model belongs. March in Ethiopia and in October in Indonesia, killing more than 300 people. The US will make a new safety review of the Boeing 737 MAX

The FAA has said that the technical review team will conduct «a comprehensive review of the certification of the automatic flight control system of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft» and will evaluate «aspects of the automatic flight control system, including its design and interaction.» of pilots with the system, to determine compliance with all applicable regulations and to identify future improvements that may be needed. »

An FAA official has said that the review is not related to the agency’s decision to authorize the Boeing 737 MAX to be able to operate again. This revision is released two days after the FAA and Boeing said they plan to keep these planes on land more than initially planned.


Boeing said last week that it is reprogramming the 737 MAX passenger aircraft software to prevent erroneous data from activating the automatic stabilization system (MCAS), which is compromised by its behavior in the two accidents with fatalities registered in Indonesia. and in Ethiopia.

The world’s largest aircraft manufacturer has said that the MCAS system, which is believed to have caused the plane’s nose to be lowered several times before the Indonesian accident, will only be activated once it has detected a problem, which will give more control to the aircraft. the pilots.

On Tuesday, the US Senate Commerce Commission said it is investigating complaints from several informants who say that the aviation safety inspectors, including some who evaluated the 737 MAX, were not properly trained or certified.

In addition, federal prosecutors with FBI assistance, Department of Transportation inspectors and a team appointed by the secretary of this department, Elaine Chao, are reviewing the certification of this aircraft model.