The US says that the 737 and 738 MAX models can fly but raises to Boeing modifications before April

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) of the United States has issued a global warning of “continuous airworthiness” to the international community in which it gives the green light to the 737 and 738 MAX models of Boeing to keep flying, although it raises the American manufacturer a serious of modifications to implement before next April.

The FAA has issued a ‘Continuing Airworthiness Notification to the International Community’ after a Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines crashed this Sunday in Ethiopia, in an accident that resulted in 157 deaths, two of them from Spanish nationality.

The National Transportation Security Board of the United States (NTSB) and FAA technical advisers are supporting the Ethiopian Accident Investigation Office, the Ethiopian aviation authority, in investigating what happened.

“All data will be examined during this investigation and the FAA will take appropriate action if necessary,” he said in a statement, after the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced Monday that it has ordered its commercial airlines to immediately suspend their operations with all their Boeing 737 and 738 aircraft.

In a statement, the FAA has highlighted the relationship that the plane crash operated by Ethiopian Airlines may have with the one registered by an aircraft of the same model, a Boeing 737 MAX, of Lion Air that crashed in the Java Sea last 29 October causing the death of 189 people.

“The external reports are generating similarities between this accident and the crash of Flight 610 of Lion Air on October 29, 2018,” the FAA points out, noting that “this investigation has just begun and to date has not been He has provided us with data to draw conclusions or take action. ”

In any case, it has proposed to Boeing a series of changes that the US manufacturer should implement “at the latest” in April 2019. Among other issues, it proposes improvements in the activation of the System of Increase of the Characteristics of Maneuvers (MCAS), as well as in the angle of attack of the wings (MCAS AOA) and the maximum limit of MCAS command.

For its part, Boeing proposes to improve issues related to the updating of flight training and crew manuals such as the aircraft flight manual (AFM) and flight crew operations manual (FCOM), quick reference manual ( QRH), the aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) or the interactive fault isolation (iFIM).