The US increases the tariffs it imposes against the European manufacturer Airbus from 10% to 15%

The United States Government has raised the tariff rate imposed on airplanes imported from the European aeronautical manufacturer Airbus from 10% to 15%, a measure that will take effect from March 18.

The decision announced by the Office of the Foreign Trade Representative is part of a long dispute in which the Donald Trump Administration has tried to penalize the European Union for offering illegal subsidies to Airbus, which harmed the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

On October 18, Washington imposed import tariffs on European aircraft manufacturer Airbus of 10% and 25% on a series of exports of European food products, such as Spanish cheeses and olives.

This came after the World Trade Organization (WTO) gave the green light to the US to impose tariffs on European imports of 7.5 billion dollars in response to subsidies to Airbus, described as «illegal.»


After hearing the decision of the Trump administration, the European aeronautical manufacturer Airbus has assured that the increase in tariffs will affect US airlines, which are already facing a shortage of airplanes in a context marked by the crisis of the American manufacturer Boeing with the 737 MAX aircraft.

The European aircraft manufacturer has assured that it will continue talks with its US clients to «mitigate the effects of tariffs as much as possible», although it expects the office of the United States Trade Representative to change its position, according to Reuters .