The tourists of the United States raise 23% the sales ‘tax free’ in Spain in March

Tourists coming from the United States have led to a 23% increase in ‘tax free’ sales in Spain in March, as well as an increase in their average ticket (663 euros), associated with a greater spending capacity by the American visitor, according to the latest data from Planet Intelligence.

These results are driven by a strong currency and a US economy in a positive trend, according to Planet. In addition, it coincides with the spring holiday period or ‘Spring Break’ in most universities in the US, when European countries are the most chosen countries to travel, behind local beaches or Mexico.

As for the rest of European destinations, those who have also benefited from double-digit growth in sales ‘tax free’ to US tourists are France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

However, Planet notes that the results obtained by the United States have a greater significance in Spain because the disbursement capacity of these buyers has increased to be the highest average ticket of the month, with 663 euros on average, ahead of China (618 euros) and Russia (341 euros).


In addition, the United States has strengthened its presence in the ‘top 5’ during the first months of 2019, with an 18% growth in tax-free sales compared to the same period of the previous year. Therefore, it is positioned as the issuing country with the highest spending capacity, registering an average disbursement of 629 euros, a figure similar to China, the country of international reference in shopping tourism.

The good results obtained both nationally and internationally correspond to a general trend of extra-EU arrivals in Europe, increasing the number of ‘tax free’ sales made by these tourists in Europe.

However, in general terms in Spain sales of ‘tax free’ have been reduced by 9.5% compared to the same month of the previous year due to the 20% drop in average spending after the elimination of the minimum amount for the ‘ Free tax ‘that the General State Budgets approved in July 2018, according to Planet.