The tourism of purchases generates income of more than 61,600 million annuals in Spain

Specialization, segmentation, hospitality and digital transformation will be key to strengthen Madrid as a destination

The sector of the tourism of purchases generates income by value of 61,650 million euros annual in Spain, according to the report ‘Travel Retail, the sixth continent’ that collects the main tendencies and objectives of this sector in an environment marked by the digitalization and the new traveler behaviors.

The report prepared by and Value Retail, the operating company of Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village, highlights the importance of framing shopping tourism in Madrid’s strategy as a tourist destination.

Tourism gains weight in the Spanish economy, reaching 11.7% of GDP. Therefore experts have agreed on the importance of promoting measures, both public and private, that will place the city of Madrid as a reference shopping destination in Europe.

The report places Chinese tourists as leaders in the ranking of those who spend more on their international trips for five years, although it is a tourist in full transformation. It is a profile that is evolving towards a type of tourist more
autonomous, technological and with greater purchasing power destined to purchases, relegating
Traditional Chinese tourist.


In addition to being the ones that generate the highest tourist spending in the world, and waiting for the payment through facial recognition to be exported to other continents, the Chinese tourist is the one that is imposing in the rest of the world its two biggest payment systems: the popular Alipay virtual payment platform; and the WeChat Pay application, which allows payments to be made through a bar code or QR code.

The report also highlights the special relevance of the figure of the new ‘premium’ tourist who seeks different experiences such as art and the cuisine of the destination.

Finally, the experts have agreed on the importance of intensifying and promoting the promotion by all the actors of tourism in origin. These synergies in the traveler’s concerns get the business dynamic, extend the time at destination and generate wealth.