The Tokyo Tower celebrates its 60th anniversary

Tokyo Tower celebrates its 60th birthday with a tour of its upper platform, located 250 meters high, which allows you to discover the Japanese capital from a bird’s eye view for about an hour.

This observatory has been renovated in a futuristic environment with LED lights and a geometric mirror, and it is the only way to access the ‘Top Deck’, that is, the upper platform.

The ‘Top Deck Tour’ has an early booking system in which the traveler must indicate time and date, as well as a guide on the platform and multilingual audio-guide in 13 languages, drinks service and gift and souvenir shops.

The elevator transformed into a large glass window allows you to observe the exterior and the contrast of the Tokyo Tower between the previous platforms and the renewed and futuristic upper platform.

With the reservation of the entrance to the ‘Top Deck Tour’ is also included the entrance to the ‘Main Deck’ (Main Platform 150 meters high that was previously called ‘Grand Observatory’) and the different services mentioned above.