For the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, one of the most emblematic holiday resorts in the Riviera Maya (Mexico), it is an excellent alternative to bring typical Mexican products such as marquesitas and skites to its customers, and a good way to mitigate the thirst and the bug during your vacation

First there were the spectacular buffets full of delicacies, then the haute cuisine themed restaurants, and now it’s time for Street Food, a gastronomic current that, in addition to landing on the streets of the main European capitals and cities, has also Made in the best Caribbean resorts such as the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, one of the most emblematic holiday resorts in the Riviera Maya (Mexico).
5 reasons to bet on Street Food during your vacation in the Caribbean:
Although it is an adult-only hotel, the complex decided to incorporate 5 beautiful carts this year in different areas of the hotel, which delight the elderly. And not only children like to snack and eat desserts! Especially if you are on vacation. The secret of the success of this gastronomic modality lies, among others, in these 5 reasons:
1. Simplicity and simplicity: as happens at home, we sometimes prefer to drink something light instead of the typical combination of starter, main course and dessert; When we are in a resort for a week there are times when we feel like pecking, instead of eating in a restaurant as such. And that is the moment in which many clients of this well-known resort choose to take a Mexican esquite (dish made with boiled corn and different ingredients such as cheese, chili, prawns, squid or bacon, among others), if what they want is something salty or, for the sweet tooth, a marquesita from Yucatán (a rich and very personal dessert with a crêpe and pasta similar to that of the waffles, which is usually eaten with chocolate, dulce de leche or cajeta, similar to the previous one but made with goat milk).
2. Hydration: there is nothing better to cope with the heat of the Caribbean than to cool, or even cool, the palate continuously. That is why two of the most visited carts in Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya are those of artisanal ice cream, located at the foot of the beach, where it is possible to taste creamy flavors such as Banana Split, homemade chocolate or mascarpone with red fruits, and also fruit trees such as lime, strawberry, tangerine or coconut; and the cart of flavored waters that, in addition to alleviating thirst, nourish the body by carrying very healthy detox ingredients such as cucumber, pineapple, natural ginger, mint, rosemary and even jalapeño, something that can not be missed when One visits Mexico.
3. Wide hours: although more and more people try to take care of themselves during the holidays, the truth is that the bug is always lurking, especially when one knows oneself surrounded by delicacies. The new carts of Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya are ideal, precisely, for those moments of temptation, since between them they cover a very wide schedule: between 12:00 and 15:00 you can allow a rich craving by resorting to the enabled carts of skis, marquesitas, flavored waters and gourmet canapés; at 16:00 taste more canapés in the pool; and between 18:00 and 22:00 hours end the evening with a tasty gourmet churro or a delicate crêpe.
4. Discover the rich Mexican pastry: the Street Food format has also been implemented in the restaurant La Hacienda, in which a cart hides the best kept secrets of the delicious Mexican pastry. There you can put on desserts as tasty as the joys, made with amaranth; peanut sticks bathed in syrup; Ate’s sweet, similar to our quince; the pepitorias made with wafers, pumpkin seeds and honey; and the unforgettable nut crab, which has dulce de leche, pumpkin seed and pine nut, among many others.
5. Freedom of movement: a sensation that perfectly explains the relationship between the Street Food and holiday concept. And there is nothing more pleasant when you travel to the Caribbean than feel free, free of schedules, and being able to eat in any small corner of a complex as amazing as the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, either at the foot of the pool, watching the Turquoise blue of an endless sea or under a palm tree.

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