The Ryanair punctuality index reaches 91% in June

87% of Ryanair customers have rated their flights as “Excellent / Very Good / Good”

The delays caused by air traffic control in June doubled, affecting more than 9,000 flights
Ryanair has announced its customer service statistics for the month of June, confirming that:

  •  91% of flights were punctual in June (excluding delays caused by air traffic controls), compared to 81% in May 2018
  • The lack of air control personnel caused the delay of more than 9,400 Ryanair flights
  • Only 10 flights were canceled in June, compared to 1,170 cancellations that took place in the same month of 2018


In addition, Ryanair has also announced the monthly statistics of its tool “Rate my flight”, which shows that 87% of the more than 120,000 passengers who participated, rated their experience with the airline as ‘Excellent / Very Good / Good’. In this context, a high score was given to the categories of crew friendliness (91%), on-board service (90%), variety in the offer of food and drink on board (83%) and boarding (81%) .


June – Rate my flight – Excellent / Very Good / Good


  • General experience – 87%


  • Friendliness of the crew – 91%
  • On-board service – 90%
  • Boarding – 82%
  • Variety of food and drink – 81%

Kenny Jacobs, from Ryanair, commented: “Ryanair has transported more than 14.2 million customers in June. More than 91% of our 78,000 flights landed on time, excluding those affected by air traffic control. Unfortunately, the number of delays caused by air traffic control doubled in June, compared to the month of May, affecting more than 9,000 Ryanair flights. In this context, the countries that provide the worst air traffic control service are Germany, France, Spain and Austria. “