The restaurant of the Albanian hotelier who tried to attack Spanish tourists was demolished

The Albanian government has demolished the Albanian restaurant Panorama whose owner tried to attack the Spanish businessman Eugenio Galdón and his family when they left the premises, tired of waiting, before they were served the food they had ordered.

The incident had a great echo in Albania, since Spanish tourists recorded a video from inside their vehicle that showed the hotel owner of the local located in Porto Palermo, in the immediate vicinity of the coastal town of Himare, breaking the front moon of the car while shouting at them perched on the hood of the vehicle while it was running.

Even the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, publicly apologized for the behavior of the hotelier, who described as shameful to the Albanians, while his Tourism Minister, Blendi Klosi, visited the Spaniards to be interested in his status after the incident. A day later, the restaurant’s owner, Mihal Kokedhima, was arrested.

As reported by the Albanian digital newspaper, Kokedhima is the cousin of the successful businessman Koco Kokedhima, a member of the Socialist Party and founder of the political party Solution.

In a statement, this Albanian agency justifies the demolition of the 2,000 square meter premises by the «scandal» starring its owner with several Spanish tourists, coupled with the fact that the building, «built in one of the most beautiful coastal areas», He did not have the corresponding permits for the activity he was carrying out, which also included the use of the premises as a hotel.

The agency adds that it will continue its activity of demolition of illegal buildings along the entire coast. After being assisted by the Spanish Embassy in Albania after the incident, Galdón and his family had left the country last Monday to continue their vacation.