The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife closes the season 2017/2018 with 670,000 cruise passengers, 41% more

The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has closed the 2017/2018 season with provisional figures of 310 stopovers of cruise ships, 57 more than in the previous season, and 670,000 cruise passengers, 41% more than in the previous period.

In addition, 995,000 cruisers and 565 stopovers were registered in all the facilities of the province, representing an increase of 32% and 22% respectively.

Ports of Tenerife has announced this Friday that the port of the Tenerife capital will receive cruises throughout the year to count and scales confirmed for the months of May, June, July and August, high season of the sector in the Mediterranean and low in the Atlantic.

Thus, during the month of May the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will receive eight stops with some 15,000 cruise passengers and 5,700 crew.

Of these figures it is deduced that they will be cruises with capacity for up to 3,200 passengers, among them the ‘Queen Elizabeth’, who will arrive tomorrow Saturday; the ‘Pacific Coast’, which with 2,600 passengers will do the same on Tuesday; the ‘Azura’ with 3,200 on Saturday the 12th and the ‘Jewel of the Seas’, with 2,300, on Sunday May 13th.

Some of these vessels will also arrive at the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma, which will host five cruises with 8,500 cruise passengers.

During the month of June ‘Independence of the Seas’ and ‘Ventura’ will stop at the capital’s installation, returning the latter also in July and August, months in which he will share visits with others such as ‘Aurora’, ‘Magellan’ and ‘Columbus’ .

The Belgian corvette ‘Godetia’ landed on Thursday in the interior dock of the dock of Los Llanos, where it will remain until next Sunday.

On the occasion of this stopover, the president of Puertos de Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior, received the visit of Major Gert Laenen and the Consul of Belgium in Tenerife, Herman Declercq. The Belgian schooner displaces 91.8 meters of length, 3.8 of draft and fourteen meters of beam.