The port of Cádiz hosts five cruises with more than 8,000 people

On Monday, the Port of Cádiz welcomed the simultaneous arrival of five cruise ships that brought on board 8,725 people, including passengers and crew, as indicated in a note by the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz (APBC).

Thus, the first of the ships that has arrived has been the ‘MS Koningsdam’, with 300 meters in length and 2,578 passengers on board. This transatlantic has arrived from Gibraltar and is scheduled to sail at 17.00 hours to Lisbon. Subsequently, the ‘Star Breeze’, with 133 meters of length and 204 passengers, entered from the City pier, coming from Portimao and will later depart for Gibraltar.

The ship of greater length, with 345 meters, docked is the ‘Queen Mary 2’, which brings a passage of 2.492 cruise passengers, from Barcelona and will depart Southampton. Fourth place has made its entry into the port of Cadiz has been the ‘Seabourn Quest’, with 198 meters in length and 300 passengers on board, from Malaga and zapará destination Portimao.

Finally, he has made the docking maneuver in the dock City ‘Seadrean I’, with 104 meters of length and a passage formed by 100 cruise passengers, coming from Portimao and bound for Seville.

The APBC has recalled that the month of May, with 42 announced scales, is presented along with April and October, with 44 and 41 scales, respectively, as one of the busiest months in cruise traffic this year, when they are expected reach the 299 scales.

It has also indicated that the socio-economic impact that this traffic leaves in the environment is around 34.23 euros per passenger per day, according to the latest study carried out by the Junta de Andalucía on cruise tourism in the region.