The Port of Cádiz expects to break its historic cruise record with 325 stopovers in 2018

It expects to close the year around the 390,000 tourists, to which the crew should be added

The Port of the Bay of Cádiz expects to break its cruise record in 2018 with 325 stopovers. If the forecasts are met, the barrier of 300 will be passed for the first time, an unprecedented figure to date.

According to the Port Authority of Bahía de Cádiz (APBC) in a press release, in July 173 cruisers and 212,738 passengers arrived, which represents an increase of 27 and 25 percent respectively with respect to the same date of 2017.

The autumn months are again the second peak season of this year, with 38 scheduled stops in September, 46 in October and 30 in November.

Precisely in October there are announced cruises every day, except for day 15, a circumstance also novel, as well as the overnight stay, on September 29, of the Midnatsol and Fram vessels. As is known, it is usual for cruise ships to arrive early in the morning and leave on the same day in the afternoon or evening.

Also in September, on Monday the 10th, the Cádiz dock will house the simultaneous scale of the Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch vessels, belonging to the Fred Olsen company, which is celebrating its 170th anniversary by having its four cruise ships in Cádiz. With this motive, a special reception will be organized both in the city and on the pier, which will be presented in detail soon.

Likewise, on October 11 and 12, in addition, four and five vessels will also coincide on the same day, respectively.


Regarding the forecast of passengers, it is expected to close the year around the 390,000 tourists, to which the crew should be added, around 150,000. The gap between the growth in the number of stopovers and the number of passengers is mainly due to the fact that the Harmony G, 30 meters long and with a passage of 46 tourists, has announced 20 stopovers, which will increase the number of ships , but not the passenger proportionally.

This year the average occupation by ship is being of 1,229 people, something inferior to the one of the last years, which is explained by the referred reason and the greater presence of ships with a less numerous passage but with greater purchasing power.

According to the latest study conducted by the Junta de Andalucía on cruise tourism in the region, the average cost per cruise and day is set at 40.6 euros.