The Plus Ultra airline guarantees the safety of its crews in Venezuela

The Plus Ultra airline has underlined that it is in charge of guaranteeing the safety of its crews in Venezuela after the information about an alleged attack on Spanish professionals at the Maiquteía International Airport in Caracas has been disseminated.

“Regardless of the safety of our operations, the Plus Ultra crews that spend the night in Maiquetía have the protection provided by the Bolivarian National Guard, the hotel’s own security and the private security provided by the company,” the company emphasizes.

As for the consequences of the blackout that affects Venezuela last Thursday, Plus Ultra recognizes intermittent power cuts in Maiquetía. “These cuts affect the normal development of air operations, billing, security, immigration, etc.”, so both Plus Ultra and other companies have had to cancel several flights. The flights canceled by Plus Ultra this past weekend have been Madrid-Caracas-Madrid and Tenerife-Caracas-Tenerife.

Finally, he explains that the management of the Maiquetía airport has confirmed the normalization of operations as of Tuesday, March 12, so that Plus Ultra will resume its flights from that date.