The new tourist travels for work and follows the trends that mark the ‘millennials’, according to The Valley

New tourists demand a travel experience linked to the digital transformation and based on the ‘bleisure’ concept, a combination of business and leisure, following the trends that mark the ‘millennial’, according to the knowledge hub The Valley that in December It will hold several events to analyze the latest innovations in the sector.

The main challenge of the hotel sector is to respond to the demands of the tourist 4.0. This new traveler profile was born under the umbrella of digitalization and influenced by the consumption habits of the ‘millennial’ generation. Both factors entail a transformation based on new technologies and new travel concepts resulting from changes in the workplace.

The preferences of the millennials for technology and online channels have also been acquired by older tourists, who now carry out both booking operations and the management of other tourist services on the network.

In addition, the mentality of these travelers 4.0 is marked by the importance of enjoying quality time at all times, which invades all areas of travel and is a key factor in providing a satisfactory travel experience.

The relocation in the workplace and the rise of business trips have led to a new concept of travel: the ‘bleisure’. It is a new way of doing tourism that combines moments of leisure with others in which to respond to the commitments that involve work transfers.

Its protagonists are digital nomads and are marked by new forms of work, such as ‘coworking’ and digital ‘networking’.


These new trends in the tourism sector are part of the agenda for this December of the knowledge hub The Valley, which includes several events at its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona.

In the two days that will be held on December 12 and 14, the most innovative practices of the tourism chains will be analyzed and the latest technological solutions of the sector will be experienced.

In the day of Barcelona of the next day 12 will analyze the position of the hotels like leaders in the sale of experiences. Representatives from Only YOU, Ayre Hotels, and Princess Hotels will participate in the round table. The session will also discuss the practices of the most innovative travel chains.

The session to be held in Madrid on the 14th will aim to analyze the technological trends that are transforming the tourism sector and especially hotels, from online check-in, to virtual butlers or voice assistants.