The new program S.A.L.T. is made to revolutionize the culinary journey for Silversea guests at the Silver Moon

The new culinary program of Silversea, S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste), will revolutionize culinary trips for guests of the cruise line, when it launches with the new ship Silver Moon in August 2020. This pioneering concept will allow travelers to use gastronomy to immerse themselves in the most diverse cultures. rich of the world, to truly understand the soul of a destiny. Between March 8 and March 21, 2019, a group of gastronomy enthusiasts received a test for the new program S.A.L.T. as part of a special pilot, who enjoys a lot of culinary experiences immersed in two trips of the Silver Muse in Asia. The response to the pilot test was more than remarkable, which indicates the success of the concept and the demand for culinary immersion trips.


Taking guests on a journey of culinary discoveries, Silver Moon will present a complete ecosystem around the world’s food cultures through the S.A.L.T. Guests of the ship will enjoy good cuisine in eight restaurants, each with a different concept, from the Hot Rocks concept in The Grill of Silversea to the authentic Japanese food served in Kaiseki; The most immersive gastronomic experience on board, however, will be enjoyed at the S.A.L.T Kitchen: a space completely dedicated to the authentic flavors of the navigated destinations. Replacing the space previously occupied by Indochine, the S.A.L.T. Kitchen will offer a constantly changing menu and a wine list inspired by the region so diners can make meaningful connections with local cultures. In the S.A.L.T. Bar, which will join the S.A.L.T. Kitchen, guests will enjoy regional drinks to really make a great dive in destinations.


This holistic approach to culinary exploration will be enriched in the S.A.L.T. Lab of the Silver Moon another new space in which Silversea guests will immerse themselves in regional gastronomic cultures under the tutelage of expert local chefs and industry authorities. The S.A.L.T. Lab will replace La Dame, which will be repositioned on deck 8. Here, Silversea guests will learn about local ingredients and craft techniques, through workshops, tastings and demonstrations. In the S.A.L.T. Lab, the authenticity will be the most important and the thematic experiences will be adapted according to the region that the guests are visiting. Travelers will experience the gastronomic cultures of the world firsthand on shore excursions, before returning to the ship to really analyze the experience. In the pilot program, for example, guests discovered the history, conventions and secrets of Balinese cuisine as they crossed between Bali and Sandakan, Malaysia. Maya Kerthyasa, a gastronomy expert and member of the royal family of Ubud, shared stories of her grandmother’s traditional recipes and organized a spice paste workshop in which participants were enlightened about the region’s culinary culture through a practical culinary experience.


From Silver Moon, Silversea guests will also develop their knowledge of the world’s culinary cultures through unique land experiences. In Bali, in addition to eating in Kaum and Locavore, famous restaurants that serve traditional Indonesian cuisine, travelers who participated in the pilot experience experienced authentic culinary practices that have been handed down from generation to generation: for example, guests ventured into the jungle from Bali to taste wild honey, which was specially collected for the occasion, and other indigenous ingredients. On Coron Island, in the Philippines, travelers developed their understanding of local culinary culture through a cooking demonstration with the Tagbanua tribe, whose lifestyle includes fishing with harpoons and nets, as well as collecting seaweed, octopus and sea cucumbers.


Adam Sachs, three times winner of the prestigious James Beard Journalism Award and former editor-in-chief of Saveur magazine, will supervise the S.A.L.T. of Silversea, making use of his journalistic experience and his knowledge of gastronomy to share the most attractive culinary stories of the world with the guests.


«The feedback we have received from our recent previous trips between Bali and Singapore has been truly fantastic and highlights the unique and compelling experience that S.A.L.T. provides trips centered on the kitchen, «says Sachs. «By connecting personalized shore excursions with fascinating conferences and on-board cooking experiences, we allow guests to gain a deeper understanding and an appreciation for the taste, cultures and cuisine of the places we visit. We are looking at all the itineraries of the inaugural season of the Silver Moon and we ask ourselves, what story does the food and drink of this country and region tell us? How can we create an experience that helps get to the heart of what makes each place special? What are the tastes and ingredients that can not be missing here? We are taking an investigative, adventurous and open-minded approach to culinary travel and can not wait to share these tastes and experiences with our guests. »


«In Silversea, we like to travel with luxury, and we really see S.A.L.T. as the ideal program to offer this concept «says Barbara Muckermann, Marketing Director of Silversea. «The Silver Moon will showcase an entire ecosystem around culinary discovery through this unique program, which is very different from what the industry has been doing so far. Our guests share a common passion for food, but what they really like about food is that it is an incredible key to get into the culture, to understand the soul of a destination. »

Once launched, the Silver Moon will become a twin ship of the flagship of the cruise company, the Silver Muse, and will reflect the relaxed luxury of the ship and Italian elegance to offer guests a super comfortable cruise experience . By maintaining the intimacy of the small boats and the spacious suites that are the hallmark of the Silversea experience, the Silver Moon will provide guests with deep travel experiences as they enjoy the industry-leading Silversea service. Enriching the experience are all-inclusive services such as complimentary wines, champagne and liquors, specialty coffees, bottled water, juices and soft drinks that are served throughout the ship; a bar in the suite, equipped with the preferences of the guests; Room Service 24 hours; and unlimited Wi-Fi.