The new private island of MSC Cruises in Bahamas receives its first Spanish visitors

The island, which reflects the company’s strong commitment to environmental protection, will receive more than 15,000 Spanish passengers during 2020

MSC Cruises has welcomed the first visitors of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, a private island that is a new destination in the Bahamas for the company. In this first historical scale, more than one hundred Spaniards have visited the island, a figure that will exceed 15,000 during 2020.

The opening of the island is an important milestone for MSC Cruises, which has developed a thorough planning of reform of this land that was previously a location of industrial sand excavation.

For this, the shipping company has worked with environmental engineers and other experts in order to revitalize the ocean floor that surrounds the island, marine life and corals in danger of extinction.

The responsible development of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve has been complex and has taken almost three years to complete a destination capable of offering the best possible experience for passengers and meeting the company’s ambitious environmental goals.

7,500 tons of scrap have been removed and, during the entire cleaning process, a team of expert divers and marine biologists have carefully removed the individual colonies of hard corals from the debris to relocate them in a safe place. Likewise, measures have been taken to create a biodiverse and sustainable environment and more than 75,000 plants and shrubs have been planted throughout the island.

In the coming months, MSC Cruises will also present a Conservation Center on the island, which will serve as an active base for coral education and research.

After the first stopover on the island, the four ships of MSC Cruises based in North America (MSC Armonia, MSC Divina, MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia) will stop at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve on different days each week.