The new campaign of Turespaña for the British market unites “leavers” and “remainers”

In situations such as Brexit, Ogilvy designs a campaign that places Spain as one of the few things that the British can agree on

Spain, in addition to being one of the world’s tourist powers, is the favorite destination of the British. This data is supported by the more than 18 million tourists from the United Kingdom who in 2018 visited our country [1], the largest nationality followed by Germans and French. For this reason, Ogilvy has developed for Turespaña #SpainInCommon, a campaign that puts our country as a common element among those who, after Brexit, argue about leaving the EU or staying in it.
United or Liverpool? Meghan or Kate? Dickens or Shakespeare? Leaver or remainer?
Sometimes it seems that the British live in a dichotomy, so this campaign puts the focus on several groups of Britons who, with different views on the Brexit, enjoy our country in the same way. Because regardless of the vision of a Briton on the Brexit, surely they will enjoy equally a sangria in the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, a paella in the beach of Jávea or a day in Mojácar.

Made from different spots in places like Madrid, Valencia, Balearic Islands and Andalusia, the campaign focuses on some everyday situations that tourists experience when they visit our country, showing Spain as the solution to leave their problems aside and enjoy of what really matters.
The campaign, which has been launched on Facebook and Twitter for the summer, will encourage the British to continue visiting our country through these 5 spots, surveys in stories and a draw where winners can enjoy two nights of paradores to see that regardless of whether they are leavers or remainers, they always have Spain in common.