The most expensive housing in Spain is in Marbella and costs 50 million euros

A villa in Marbella (Málaga) for 50 million euros is the most exclusive property in Spain, which makes Andalusia the autonomous community with the most expensive property in the country. It is located on the beachfront and has six ‘suites’ and two guest houses on a plot of more than 6,663 square meters, according to a study by Idealista where it analyzes the 10 most expensive houses in Spain.

In the same province of Malaga, but in the municipality of Mijas, there is a 7,000 square meter villa with 12 rooms, tennis court, swimming pool, etc. and also adds a private beach of 160 meters. The owner asks for 35 million euros and makes it the second most expensive house in the country.

With a price of 30 million euros, the Balearic Islands becomes the second autonomous community with the most exclusive house, which ranks third in the ranking and is located in Alcudia, Mallorca. In addition, the island also has the fourth house with more luxury, a house for a value of 26.5 million with a plot of 820,000 square meters located in Puigpunyent.

Madrid is the third autonomous community where more is asked for a house, with the fifth most expensive house in the country located in Boadilla del Monte. The owner asks for 24 million euros for 41,000 square meters of plot and 4,500 housing.

To complete the 10 most exclusive houses in Spain, Marbella returns to take positions, in particular the sixth most expensive house (23.3 million euros), the seventh (23 million), the ninth (18 million) and the tenth (17 , 5 million) are located in this municipality, while the eighth is in La Moraleja, Madrid, where they ask for 18.75 million for it.