The Malaga Fair of 2019 will begin on Thursday, August 15 and conclude on the 24th

The Malaga Fair will not start next year on a Friday, as usual, but on Thursday, August 15, and will end ten days later, on Sunday, August 24, thus including the two holidays (15 and 19), attending to the demand of hoteliers and hoteliers.

This has been approved this Friday at the local government meeting held. In this way, the night of Wednesday 14 will be the traditional cry and at twelve o’clock at night and on Thursday the 15th the fireworks. The Fair itself will start on the 15th.

With this new date the demand of hoteliers and hosteleros is taken care of so that the fair was delayed and they can be the two included holidays in the local celebrations, has remembered the spokesman of the equipment of government of the PP, Carlos Conde.

In addition, it has indicated that the ordinance in this regard, in its article 3, reflects that the Malaga Fair is held in August and, for its annual determination, is established as a reference the necessary inclusion of the 19th, in commemoration of the Reconquest of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs and their incorporation to the Crown of Castile. The period of duration of each edition will be established by agreement of said governing board.


On the other hand, in the governing board has been reported the communication made by Limasa III on the set of investments in machinery and facilities approved by this company that reaches 16 million euros.

In these investments, in addition to the 12 million destined to new machinery, that were presented recently, include, among others, the waterproofing works in the bottom of cell 2 of the spill vessel of the Environmental Center of Malaga, and the enclosure of one of the leached pools (2,964,298.50 euros, VAT included), which will prevent the emission of odors from the same and the reduction of discomfort in the nearby population centers.

In addition, a new biogas motor generator equipment (589,875 euros, including VAT) will be acquired to replace one of the three existing ones at the end of its useful life. Finally, in order to improve the operability and image of the mailboxes of underground containers, it will proceed to change 247 units (388,531 euros, VAT included).

As for the machinery that is already in operation, it is a total of 66 vehicles from 13 different families: 44 of them are for street cleaning and 22 for collection. The acquisition of this new fleet has meant a total investment of 12 million euros, pending to be incorporated a total of 15 collection vehicles and one for the Environmental Center, in addition to the 66 that are already in use.


The meeting also approved a grant of 27,000 euros for the dog school Querqus through an agreement that aims to improve the rate and quality of adoptions of dogs hosted in the Municipal Zoosanitary Center. To this end, a program has been designed that will allow the character and needs of the animal to be evaluated in order to help adoptive parents in their correct choice.

The program, which is one year long, contemplates the implementation of up to three sessions of joint work on obedience and collaboration with adopters and their adoptive dogs at the Municipal Zoosanitary Center.

The subsidy will be used to cover staff costs for the evaluation of animals and basic education courses for adopters, the acquisition of material for canine use, the transfer of animals, the design of the material, the printing and distribution of the material to publicize the project in various media.

This new project is part of the objectives adopted by the City of Malaga, through the Environmental Sustainability Area, to carry out a policy aimed at favoring zero sacrifice in their animal health management programs with respect to animals entering the Zoosanitary Center , collaborating so that adopted dogs are the most suitable for the characteristics and lifestyle of the families and facilitating a quick mutual adaptation to avoid the cancellation of adoptions.


On the other hand, this Friday has approved the proposal of the call to fill the post of vice treasurer of the City of Malaga and the regulatory bases. For this position of free designation have been established from the Personnel Area a series of requirements that will be taken into account when assessing the candidatures.

Among them are the professional experience of a minimum of two years in municipalities with a large population with a Tax Management Body and budget volume similar to that of the City Council of Malaga, or years of service performed in positions of similar responsibility. After this approval, it will be sent to the Junta de Andalucía for publication in the BOJA and later, in the Official State Gazette.

The governing board has taken forward the proposal for contracting the improvement and reform works of the office and customer service facilities of the Autonomous Agency of Tax Management of the City of Malaga located on the ground floor of module 1 of Tabacalera by the amount of 228,749.21 euros and an execution period of three months.

The aim of this project is to continue improving the quality of the spaces that Gestrisam allocates to the provision of its services and for which approximately 155,000 users spend annually, said Conde.

This project is framed in the second ‘Plan More Neighborhoods, More Málaga’ of Financially Sustainable Investments of 2018, amounting to 26,088,013.73 euros for the execution of just over 80 performances in the eleven districts of the city as long of next year.

The meeting has agreed to extend the deadline for the submission of works to the Convocation of the XXIII Poetry Poetry Contest of the 27, being the limit now until March 29, 2019. This contest is organized by the Network of Public Municipal Libraries of Malaga (Culture Area).

Finally, the green light has been given to dispense from the objectives of acoustic quality, with exceptional character, the parade organized by the parish, basilica and Royal Sanctuary of Santa Maria de la Victoria on the occasion of the Christmas holidays on January 4 of 2019 between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm in the neighborhoods of Capuchinos and La Victoria. In addition, the dispensation of the same objectives has been approved for the Cabalgata de Reyes and the party that will then take place in the backyard of the Valle-Inclán school, in the Málaga-Este district, on January 4 between 17.30 and 19.30.